14 March, 2007

Jim Does Comic Rellef Does Fame Academy

I love TV, unashamedly, and I'm fascinated by the illusions it creates. For instance, the huge, glitzy stages and uber-confident stars.


Last night, I went with a friend to see the recording of Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. We'd tried to get in on Saturday night - when Girls Aloud and Sugababes were performing live - but, understandably, it was oversubscribed, so we got priority tickets for another night. Our favourite, Mel Giedroyc, had been voted out on Sunday (travesty!), so we'd decided to throw our support behind Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, whose fragile, delicate performance has won over so many people. She's a bit sharp and tuneless at times, but we love seeing someone cry on National TV.

Tara sang Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know', playing the piano too. She got thrown by the poor playback in the studio and wavered a little, but when she finished, we started chanting her name. Then the judges began to quickly decimate her confidence and we started chanting in support - which overwhelmed her and she began to cry.

Yes, we made an It-girl cry. How low did we feel? Er... not much really, because we're British and we're a fickle audience.

Sports commentator Ray Stubbs gave up on singing and talked his way through 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick', an act so brazen we of course loved it.

I shouldn't have gone out. I'd been feeling ill all day and today I'm down with a (hopefuly only 24-hour) bug. But really, it was a lot of fun and my mate kept me laughing all night. You can hear him shouting all the way through the edition... yes, my flatmate recorded it.

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