01 September, 2006

Telly, Bitesize

Like, it seems, the entire internet-connected world, I'm obsessed with YouTube. Okay, so it's largely a load of illegally-uploaded content, but really, has the internet ever given a gnat's chuff about that kind of stuff?

What I really love about it is the fact that you can occasionally stumble across something you never knew existed - like a film made in 1980 and then buried by the studio. 'Ladies and Gentlemen - the Fabulous Stains' is not the catchiest of titles, and it's a fairly obscure film that's gained cult status in the USA thanks to repeated late-night cable screenings.

What's of particular interest to me is the film starred one of my all-time favourite actors, Ray Winstone, as the leader of a punk band. Going on this clip, he makes a credible go of it, though he's helped along by his backing band, which comprises members of the Sex Pistols and the Clash! (Warning - there's swearing 'from the outset' - hurrah!):

Then there are the pop promos that you'd never see on telly. I think this is one of the most visually arresting things in a long time. This is OK Go with 'Here is Goes Again':

This is a video taken by an old friend (and inadvertently one of the people who inspired this blog - doncha just hate a subtext?). Forget that you can't actually see Madge, just wince each time one of those dancers throws themselves around the scaffolding and narrowly avoids splattering the front rows with their brains:

And finally, a bit of silliness with Barney, a 13-year-old Doctor Who fan from the Outpost Gallifrey community who's made an inventive use of a particular piece of merchandising:

Of course, I can't guarantee that these files will still be active tomorrow. I've already discovered some of my favourites have been taken down. Sadly,I can't share that awesome alternative ending of 'Doomsday' where Rose Tyler was killed by a falling piano...