06 September, 2010

Flatmate's birthday

So it was my flatmate's 40th birthday party this weekend (although he doesn't actually hit the big four-zero until the 15th). What a lovely bunch of people - I didn't get around to speaking to everyone, but I managed to catch up with a few people who I hadn't seen in a long time. Oh, and I ended up with black cake icing being smeared over my face. Cheers, Mr Mayor! Haha.

Still, the flatmate had a much deserved brilliant time and going on the comments on Twitter and Facebook today, so did everyone else.

I Can't Get No Sleep.

What is it about Sundays that causes insomnia with such regularity. It's not even that I slept in this morning, because most other Sundays I get up early and still can't get to sleep come night-time.

And I'm not alone in this either. I see so many friends on Facebook and Twitter who experience the same frustrating routine.

Ah well, at least I can work from home tomorrow, avoiding the tube strikes.