18 August, 2009

Ink Spots

Sitting at the front of the bus this morning, I saw a young dad escorting his son onto the bus. As the boy climbed into his seat, his dad waved him off and blew him a little kiss, and I thought that was really sweet. The dad was quite handsome and I noticed he had a big gold ear-ring and tatoos.

And then I realised that this was perhaps an example of a social trend we're seeing more of in the last few years. The rise of ink on people's limbs seems to come from Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse and Fred Durst developing an addiction to the needle. Everyone seems not only to be getting tatoos, but simultaneously not knowing when enough is enough.

I remember little Christina Ricci describing Winona Rider's makeup in 'Mermaids': 'It looks like someone drew on you'.

Are we sliding back to fashions from past ages? Perhaps. I'm sure it has something to do with news stories like this one. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that we're all criminals now, thanks to online filesharing.

It's not just me being squeamish though. I just think the dad this morning would have looked better if he hadn't have let little Wayne loose on his arms with felt tips...

14 August, 2009

More Tardis

Think I've almost finished the model Tardis now, so here are a couple of pictures.

And in this one, you can see the fault locator wall.

[Updated 18 Aug 2009)
And now with the floor plate in place:

09 August, 2009

Please, Sir - Can We Have Some Sperm?

I've not really discussed the Jacko thing - it's been overdone by everyone else and all I could think is that for a man who's been vilified as having an useasy relationship with young boys for over a decade, dying was possibly the best, sanest career move he could have made. That's not to undermine his achievements as a performer and artist, but with all of the various operations he'd submitted himself (way more than the two he admitted to), plus the possibility that even just a tenth of the health-obsessive rumours about him might be true, he can't have been in the best of health for a long time anyway. He was a virtual recluse whose list of 'friends' appear to be the kind of people that, individually, you'd worry about, but as a collective they sturck me as being a particularly destabilising influence on aman whose mildest actions earned him the monicker 'Wacko'.

But now, The News of the Screws reports that former child star Mark Lester has stepped forward to identify himself as the possible father of one of Jackson's children.

Oliver Twist fathered Jackson's fair-skinned, blue-eyed daughter, Paris?

This story surely can't get any weirder without the help of Santa Claus, Spider-Man and Gary 'Whatchoo talking' 'bout, Willis?' Coleman's involement. Though I'm not sure Gary Coleman's real, so I won't hold my breath for that.

08 August, 2009


Back in June I was woken up by the sound of something outside my bedroom window. I'm one storey up, but we've been broken into before so I leapt out of bed and opened the curtains - to be confronted by the sight of a pair of magpies picking through the ivy on the roof below me.

So I grabbed my phone and recorded them.

Lazy Bar Steward

Haven't blogged for two months. That's what happens when work lets me manage a twitter account.

Chasing a punch-line has become a full-time occupation. Still, I'm spending my spare time productively, making a model Tardis control room, as seen in the Hartnell era...

Still a work in progress - have to work out how to do the innards of the central column for one thing - but I'm also having a go at doing custom figures of Ian and Barbara. Trying hard not to lose a finger while using a scalpel to carve an existing figure down to size.