11 February, 2010

Holidayyy (Ooh yeah!)

It's been very busy at work these last few months, and with research taking place on about eight projects at once I've just not felt chatty enough to come up with a new blog entry. Even Facebook has spent literally weeks with the same status updates from me. Shameful.

I worked through most of Christmas, with just three days off over all, so today marks the beginning of my longest stint of holiday in quite some time. So of course I couldn't sleep last night and I've woken up grumpy. SO it's really cheered me up to read that Big Finish has won the license to resurrect the Short Trips short stories as audiobooks.

Like Simon, I owe a good amount to Big Finish for giving me the chance to write short stories and giving me some excellent advise. Unlike Simon, I've not made the time to capitalise upon that and write more, which I'd like to fix.

My other half and I have been working on a short story just for the fun of it since the submission slot for their final book closed. But shhh... no spoilers just yet.