17 March, 2007

Dr Freud has left the building


Urgh - people talking about their dreams. Anything more tedious? Well I'm only talking to myself here so sod anyone else looking in who doesn't find this interesting.

Thursday morning, I woke up from a very detailed dream, the tail-end of which was me watching a sepia Czech animated film about a marble in the desert. It rolled up to this big hoover-tube and hopped in. The camera follows its progress from the outside until it finally plops out onto the sand at the other end. As it continues to roll away, there's this spikey piece of black fluff lurking on the top of the tube and it begins to follow the marble. The music starts playing some Sergio Leone music as the fluff is joined my a small piece of sinister lint, which joins in stalking the marble. The marble stops rolling, turns around (extreme close-up so we can see the swirl inside it turning), then quickly turns back and begins to roll at speed. The black fluff rolls faster, the lint inch-worms faster and the marble speeds up its rolling until it rolls off the edge of a cliff and shatters on the rocks below.

Cut back to the fluff and the lint, which turn around and slowly roll / inch-worm away.

How involved is that? I woke myself laughing.

I now want to find a talented animator who can make this film... and it's only as I literally paste this into the Blog window that I realise there's a very, very obvious interpretation here about lost marbles. Damn.

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Rob said...

Obviously, the marble is The Good - green, pure, perfect. The lint is The Bad - blank, indistinct, untrustworthy. The fluff is The Ugly - black and mis-shapen.

So Evil and Uncertainty are pursuing you across the desert of Life. Don't let them push you off the cliff, and they'll always be doomed to chase behind you.

Zat vill be fife huntred off your Eeenglish poundz, pleaze.