17 April, 2010


I always wanted this - a set for my Doctor Who dollies - and what better set than the UNIT lab?

I'd originally wanted to do the lab as it appeared in season eight, but the spiral staircase put me off. That and pressure from my chums made me go for the later lab, as it appeared in season 11. I could have gone for the lab from 'The Three Doctors', but it had too many windows. So I adapted the printouts that my pal Phil had made for his ActionFigureTheatre site to make it look like it did for Pertwee's final year.

Also included in this set are my custom Sarah Jane, in her 'Monster of Peladon' outfit, and my custom Master, in his grey suit and gold tie. You might also be able to make out the welding device from 'Terror of the Autons'. Oh, and the Tardis is a customised moneybox, repainted. That'll be replaced once I get the forthcoming classic Tardis from Character.

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