17 April, 2010

More Monsters

I haven't done this for a while, but prompted by Paul Cornell's blog, here's a few more monsters I've made recently.

This one's a Blatherine from The Sarah Jane Adventures, which was a present for the author for the episode that they first appeared in. It's customised from a Slitheen figure, with shorter claws, a remolded face and a paint job.

Next up, a Mutt from the Doctor Who story 'The Mutants' (1972). It's pictured in the UNIT lab set that I made. Ooh, there's a thought - I haven't put any pics of that up. That'll be in the next entry then.

Inspired by the brilliant Babyjelly from OutpostWho / GallifreyBase fame, here's a muto from 'Genesis of the Daleks'.

I decided I wanted to make a Navarino from 'Delta and the Bannermen', and then realised it had to be a present for my pal Neil, who always wanted to write a story called 'The Guns of Navarino'. Next to it are two Haemovores from 'The Curse of Fenric'.

And finally, in my quest to make more and more figures that will probably never be made by Character Options for the official range, here's the Keller Machine from 'The Mind of Evil'. It lights up an' evreefink!

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