19 December, 2008

There's Something About Keywords

Decided to add some keywords to my previous blog entries this morning- anything to postpone going to the hospital to give a blood sample (don't panic - it's for gout. Nothing glamourous or slimming).

So, like that other modern annoyance, predictive text, the keywords (or labels, as Blogger calls them) try to second guess what you're typing. Which is a bit worrying, when you're typing 'fox' and, thanks to a previous post, the keyword leaps urgently towards 'Neil Fox', like spooge towards Ben Stiller's ear. Dangling there for ages until you finally notice it.

So, apologies if my tags might be misleading. Although don't be surprised if a blog about Boris Johnson ends up with keywords like 'tw*t', 'gobsh*te', 'arsehole' and 'civil disobedience'.

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