20 December, 2008

The Power of Crisps Compels Me

I recently caught up with Paul Schrader's version of the prequel to The Exorcist, the film that was then remade by Renny Harlin - the version I'd already seen.

Harlin's version was rubbish, but I'm sorry to say the Schrader version was the greater sinner - it was just boring.

Thank the deities for Joe Ahearne, whose Apparitions concluded this week. Intelligent, philosophical, gory and bloody terrifying in places, it's the Exorcist sequel I really wanted.

Bearing in mind I'm a massive fan of the third Exorcist film, and the novel that inspired it, William Peter Blatty's Legion, I was surprised by how well Martin Shaw fell into the role and how universally excellent the supporting cast was. In particular Rick Warden, who was so sympathetic as Michael, and so unsettling as the demonic version.

I won't sleep tonight... It's Exorcist III all over again...

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