07 December, 2008

Reversal of Fortunes for Von Bulow

'Optimist of the Year' goes to whoever wrote the copy at the bottom of this BBC News story about the death of society hostess Sunny Von Bulow.

Did you know Von Bulow? Tell us about your memories of her? Send your comment using the form below:

She was 76 years old and had been in a coma since 1980. It's not impossibly, but it's unlikely many of her contemporaries would be spending their time reading an internet news page. What this shows is the point at which the mission to engage with audiences collides with the fear of encouraging libellous comments from the public. The BBC is expected to provide a forum for all their content, yet doesn't want to risk someone posting a message along the lines of 'I seen the film and he definately dun it.'

I saw the film too. Back in 1990 I saw about 75 films at the cinema, plus hundreds more at home. I'd finish work at 2.00 on Friday and rush to see a film at the arthouse cinema, or one of the less glitzy flicks at the Odeon. Then another film at the early evening showing before meeting friends for the main evening screening of the latest blockbuster. I seem to remember I saw this one with a particular friend, which means I saw it on a Tuesday.

Odd what I remember. Alan Silver played the lawyer on whose book the film was based, wearing a big curly wig.

Interestingly, the vultures at Wikipedia have already swooped to update their page on Sunny. There's something quite morbid about someone rushing to the internet the second they hear of someone's death.


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