06 December, 2007

I Don't Want a Lot for Christmas

This is important. Time was, Christmas could be relied upon to send some sentimental saccharine-sweet novelty gush up to the top of the charts, but for pretty much the entire decade, the number one has been in the hands of Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh with either Westlife or whoever won Pop Idol / Pop Stars / X Factor.

This year, the best act in X Factor is Nicky, but fate has tied her to Louis Walsh, who in my not-so-humble opinion is a cowardly worm who really needs to be badly beaten so he can't weasel his way onto our TV screens for his embarrassing 'Simon-notice-me' performances every Saturday. If she gets to number one, HE will be insufferable. Sorry, Nicky, love you really, but that cannot happen.

So - thanks to Boots, we now have a serious contender for alternative number one. See, everyone's favourite high-street chemist has taken up this old blues track by Ernie K Doe.

I do hope we don't have another X Factor Christmas. It just makes the whole Xmas Number One so bloody dull.

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