01 January, 2007

Shrinking and Growing for '07

I started this thing as a means of self-analysis, to see what's made me tick over the years and to perhaps understand myself better.

2006 saw me make a few choices about my life, set a couple of goals that I wanted to achieve by the close of the year. I didn't manage to achieve either of them really, although I start 2007 in a new job, so that counts as I left the last one on 22 December. But the other goal...

See, from an early age I knew of the saying about how for the only child, the possibility of defeat never occurs. It's just a smart was of saying we're spoilt brats who know how to get our own way, and generally that's pretty spot on. Not with this one, I don't. Not a clue.

My tastes are extremely limited, my insecurities significant and my comfort zone minuscule. The idea of dating still terrifies me, which is, I suspect, the main reason why I didn't achieve that second goal. Another New Year's eve spent as a single man. Another reason is that, despite knowing from the start that one particular horse wouldn't come in, it still had my backing through 2006 right up to the gongs.

2007 - time to work on both my self pity and my waistline and get both of them considerably smaller. And time also to extend that comfort zone enough to improve my odds of meeting someone who'll be planning their next New Year to be with me.

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