15 January, 2006

Hey Sucka!

This from 30 June, 1999:

Just listening to one of the new early-80s NOW albums (the originals started in 1983, but they've faked up three others so the series can run from 1980 to 1995 - and they're fab!). While enduring "Wham Rap!" I noticed the many clues to the future "Revelation" about George Michael's sexuality (I say "Revelation" because I have this image of a middle-aged couple in Guilford going "NO! Really?" when the news broke).

The following are excerpts from the song:

"Hey sucker! What the Hell's got into you?" [The first damn line!!]
"Well I haven't seen your face around town awhile / So I greeted you with a *knowing* smile..."
"See me, single and free..."
"A married man? You're out of your head!"
"Death by matrimony" [!!]
"I remember when we had such fun and everything was fine..... tell me that's all in the past and I will gladly walk away."
"There's something 'bout that guy I don't like..." [so speaks Pepsi - or was it
Shirley - pretending to be Andrew Ridgely's wife].
"You're wasting time on some creepy guy" [ditto]

... okay, all this and the fact that the dance moves were camper than Steps ever dreamed of AND the fact that, well, he just looked dead poofy, something that Andrew Ridgely looks really uncomfortable with on Top of the Pops.

Andrew Ridgely's first solo single? "I'm Gonna Shake You". In reality it was more of a mild murmur.

And after all that, Steve Lyons pointed out that it was 'Young Guns' I'd actually been quoting from. Pah!

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