01 January, 2006

And then...

Okay, now it gets stranger, because here's a post from my friend David:

Date: Sun Jun 6, 1999 5:54pm
Subject: h2g2 bails.d@xxxxxx.xxxx

Dear All,

Someone told me about this site weeks ago, and I apologise if I'm telling any of you anything you already know...

But if you've never seen it, you *have* to check out www.h2g2.com

It's the Hitch Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy, but don't worry it's not something horrible and anal and not as desperately funny as it thinks it should be. It's a kind of giant, rambling, usefully useless database of normal people's thoughts, alongside a giant proper database that comprises the guide itself.

Once you've registered, you get your own page, where you can do more or less what you please. So, for anyone who's wanted to set up a website, but can't be bothered to go through all that HTML crap only to find that you've nothing to say - don't worry, someone's done all the crap already, so you can just waltz in and ramble as you see fit.

I think we should hijack the bugger. It's a suspiciously worthwhile thing, but obviously it needs folk of our staggering intellect to spice it up a bit.

It's ever so vaguely exciting. Do go see. (Sorry to froth about it, but it is remarkably interesting.)


This was sent the day before I registered, which means it was almost certainly as a consequence of David's mail. All this time I thought it was Rob Stradling who told me about the site, but it was good old Bails!

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