22 May, 2010

More Ashes to Ashes

Thanks to the wonders of BBC iPlayer, I've managed to catch the final episode of Ashes to Ashes. No spoilers in this post, except to say that I appear to have predicted the ending in this post from last week.

I loved that. A really emotionally satisfying ending that makes sense, seems to tie up all the questions, leaves room for viewers to piece together more of the clues and - yes! - makes me want to go right back to the start and watch it all again.

Some lovely cultural references there too - notably Angel Heart, though they at least didn't go the whole hog and give the relevant character an obvious pseudonym like Louis Cypher. There was also a moment where I wondered if there was some kind of inspiration from the old TV Comic Doctor Who strips, where the Doctor was dragged off and forced to regenerate by Time Lord-controlled scarecrows. But thankfully, that's probably more to do with my hand-over than anything intended by the writers.

Thanks Ashley and Matthew for a brilliant series - and cheers, Gene - you always will be... The Guv.

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