27 April, 2010

Waiting for the Inevitable

Just flicking through the TV channels and caught the episode of tonight's episode of The Bill - 'Suffer in Silence'.

I'm guessing we'll be seeing other episodes over the next few months called 'Prolonging the Agony', 'Treading Water' and 'Someone Remember to Cancel the Milk'.

In other news, my journey home was delayed tonight. The train driver announced: 'Sorry for he delays here this evening, but one of those new trains is further up the track. It's broken down and they're trying to get it into the sidings. Once again, the NEW TRAIN has broken down and we're waiting for it to get out of the way.'

Had the carriage been less congested, I'm sure his mintiness would have been accompanied by a mass raising of handbags. As it was, we all rolled our eyes, clutched the handrail and prayed it wouldn't last much longer.

Oh look - special guest star on The Bill this week is Lee Ross. Looks like his character is a child abuse victim who's suffered in silence for some ti- oh... that might be the meaning of the title.

Suddenly life's that tiny bit less ironic. Damn....

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