21 March, 2010

The Thick of It

My flatmate and I were writing comedy sketches last night, into the early hours of the morning, fuelled by vodka. I dread to think what our neighbours thought of any phrases they might have heard coming from my mouth in the wee small hours, but I can say firstly that my Malcolm Tucker impression's coming on okay, and secondly that I might be in danger of destroying Steven Moffat's reputation within the fandom elite in the same way some fans now view the Sarah Jane Adventures episode where she bodyswaps and hear my 'Smeagol / Gollum' impression of her.


Consequently - first hangover in ages this morning. When I fall off the wagon, I thud on the ground.

In other news, I've almost learned how to make home-made rice pudding. In that I've narrowed it down by twice learning how not to do it. If only that bloody rice would soften more. I think my flatmate's right - I need different rice.

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