14 April, 2009

Grumity Grump

It's a sad fact that most of the ignorant twunts online don't appreciate anything with any joy in it, because they wouldn't be online if they were happy in themselves. I'm prompted to write that after seeing some of the mindless crap that's been spewed in reaction to the Doctor Who Easter special. "Worse than 'Battlefield'," apparently. All I can say is, I bet they haven't actually watched 'Battlefield' since it was on. They just hand over their money, slot the DVD into its place and allow their prejudices to remain unchallenged - while pouring scourn on anything with even the thinnest vein of joy in them.

I loved the Easter special. Exacrly what I needed to be watching on a weekend that's supposed to be inspirational for Christians. Happy, energetic and all about putting your trust in someone and not about being cynical or self serving.

A while ago, I was in FP in Glasgow and was subjected to the smug whining of an Emo kid, shouting across the aisle to his pals: Christ, have you SEEN the latest Batman issues? C'mon DC - give us some 'Dark'!!"


I was half tempted to 'give him some dark' by telling him he was already past his sexual peak, that he's only got eight years before his hair goes grey or falls out, and that he should go easy on the wanking. Or at least wash his hands before he picks up comic books someone else might want to buy.

But I didn't.

Instead, I stood silently while flicking through a copy of 'Essential Howard the Duck', to spite him. Then, once he'd walked away, I swapped it for 'Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man'. I had my reputation to think of...

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