23 March, 2009

So... Jade

I'd imagine the schedulers at Dave are in a bit of a panic now. How many episodes of Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks or any other number of topical comedy shows might need to be reviewed and possibly re-edited to remove the many comments made at Jade's expense over the years?

That's the problem with being a national joke: when the tide of public opinion changes, what was once fair game becomes hugely distasteful. Possibly a similar situation to how Princess Diana was treated by the press prior to August 1997 compared to post-September 1 the same year.

I thought the TV news that I saw handled the situation well. Just report the facts and avoid too much sentiment. But the texts to Teletext brought a lump to the throat... of sick. All 'goodbye dear angel' and 'there's another star in heaven'. I wonder how many of those people in faux-mourning were laughing at all those pig-face cartoons back in series 3 of Big Brother.

No young woman should suffer like that, and die so young. That's it's someone who's chosen to live every aspect of her life in the public eye is something I feel very uncomfortable about. It'll be interesting to see how history eventually supparises Jade's life, if at all. Hopefully there's be a lot less 'angel', but a significant less 'demon' too.

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