07 November, 2007

And That's the Tooth, Ruth!


I've taken a week to recover from this - the rather 'mild terror' that I experienced last Wednesday when I got home from a comedy night, decided to chew my nails and found half a tooth on my tongue. Argh!

The next day, while I was on the way to work, some more of the tooth decided to make itself known in areas it really shouldn't have reached. So - I went to the dentist.

There's a dentist at work, luckily, so I managed to pop in to book an appointment really easily for the same day - at 2:30 (yes, a legitimate excuse to reference that Chinese Dentist punchline).

Actually, it wasn't all that bad. It took 40 minutes - and that includes the time it took to pay (which worked out as about a pound a minute). I had a dead mouth for a few hours but there was no real pain and I managed to conduct a lengthy conversation in a pub that night without too much discomfort.

My tongue occasionally needs to explore this newcomer, but then, if you stick something into your mouth that doesn't belong there, that's what it tends to do, eh?

I think that's a good point to stop...

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