12 August, 2007

Being Rubbish at Blogging

There's a bit of a back-swing against blogging now that everyone thinks it's a word to throw into meetings casually. At work recently, someone asked if our site should have a blog and three of us barked 'NO!' Not that we're adversed to them, but it's really now what we should be doing. We already have a newsletter, which I tend to write, and an additional blog would seem like overkill. But mainly it's because of that thing where people use the word 'blog when they mean something else. Recently I saw a newspaper talking about its new blog... a blog... in a newspaper... not the online version - the actual newspaper.

Isn't that just a column?

I'm rubbish at this blogging thing - I said as much back in April. I was chatting with my friend who does the wonderful I Love London... Honest blog the other day and happened to mention that I didn't realise anyone read this. He said 'It's a blog - it gets read'. I'm so naive, but I just didn't think anyone would be reading this, yet I suppose I'd always suspected they might as I've often decided not to write something just in case.

And that's my problem - I keep not writing an entry in case someone reads it - which is the point of it. This started out as a bit of self-help, really - a way for me to think about who I am and why I've been very up and down this last year. It was written for me, because I've never kept a diary, and I didn't really think it through.

Still, I don't write an entry for week and weeks, and then often three come at once. Like buses.

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