16 April, 2007

Hot Hot Hot - Mind the Doors!

Hurrah, we have a heat-wave... which I spent most of indoors for various reasons (I should add, fully clothed without chance of naughtiness). Saw a very strange film on Sunday, Death Line, in which a man is horrifically murdered by an atavistic man on the platform of Russell Square tube station, his body is discovered by Alan Ladd's son and a woman in an Afghan coat, Donald Pleasance plays a police detective who's obsessed with a good cup of tea, and Christopher Lee shows up to speak directly to camera while Donald Pleasance and his underling reply to camera in a scene that's so obviously cobbled together from different recording days that the biggest surprise is when it ends with a shot of the three men in the same frame together. The film's called Raw Meat in the USA>, which gives away the fact that it's one of the most brutal films I've seen, but in a rather coy way. The music is also barking mad, as it seems to be a tribute to the two differing styles of incidental that appeared in Doctor Who at around the same time; discordant oboes honk away in one scene, while in the next a Delaware synthesiser squeals. The killer, meanwhile, has the oddest catch phrase of all time: 'Mind the doors...'

The heatwave also brings another reminder of impending summer - hay fever. This morning I stocked up on my hay fever tablets and tonight I feel like I'm breathing in hair and sand. In between, I got tetchy and a little bit snippy because there's an air of frustration and stress on the project I'm working on, and it's not really anyone's fault. It's just a product of external pressures, but this is the first time I've had a feeling that it could all fall apart.

One more reminder that summer's on the way - insect bites. I've got some horrific scabs on my shoulders thanks to *something* fancying a piece of me, so the first chance I get, I'm blitzing my room. Just in case.

In other news, IMDb reports 'Kidman Awarded Australia's Top Honor'. Surprisingly, it' s not a British passport...

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