17 February, 2007

Blog off

I'm rubbish at this blogging because I still have too much embarrassment dragging me back. Plus I'm on a couple of mailing lists with friends and I tend to just post thoughts there instead of here.

Oh, and I spent the last month without my own internet connection. TalkTalk were typically rubbish about the entire thing and I had to phone them up to tell them to back off after they suggested they might bill me for the remainder of my contract. SOD OFF YOU EVIL BASTARDS!!

All the while, BT politely chuckled along with my rants and were, on the whole lovely. I received a bill from them yesterday for £80 and I was a bit narked at their cheek until I phoned them up and they confirmed that it wasn't a bill but a recredit. Yarooh!

I've not quite got the hang of daily posting. I tend to do a few in one go when the urge takes me. Today's going to see at least four. Is that rubbish?

Am I bovvered?


Martin Belam said...

Well I enjoy dipping into here now and again, so please blog on...

Jimster said...

Cheers, Martin - good to hear from you!