13 December, 2006

Ch-ch-changes. Ish

So, from January I have a new job. Farewell to online communities and hello TV and Radio archives. Okay, I'm a freak who gets excited about writing up metadata for archive streams of 1950s news reels about The Colonies. In February, I'll have been with this employer for five years on the one project, and while it's something I still very much love, I just don't have the energy to keep battling for resources that never come. Those problems still exist on the new job, but at least it's someone else's fight now.


because of a lack of desk space with the new team, my new desk is going to be... my old one. I'll still be sitting with my old team at the same desk, but doing different work. I think I would have liked a complete fresh start, but it's a decent compromise, and hopefully by April they'll have moved into a bigger space and be able to welcome me with open arms. or at least a cuppa.

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