19 March, 2006


Last night, I returned to a club event that used to be the highlight of my week but has had to do without my absense for three years.

Not much had changed. They still have utterly dreadful acts and a quiz that's possibly only just the acceptable face of bullying (on discovering that one of the contestants had fibbed to get herself on stage, the room shrieked 'Off! Off! Off' until she was offed... as t'were). The walls are still black, apart from a deceptive back wall of mirrors that convinces you you're being eyed up until you approach and realise you were looking at yourself all along. But the good news is, they still have a wonderfully eclectic music policy. Where else will play Suede, Rebel MC and Dexys Midnight Runners in the same set?

One thing had changed in the last three years though - I turned up sober and left sober. I'm both smugly impressed and a little relieved as I met someone who, if pissed, I might have disgraced myself over (I might not have, but right now my mental state isn't really stable enough to take the risk).

A mutual friend told me this morning that said person thought I was 'great'.

Lesson learned - sober might be a good thing. See how long I can keep this up...

Second lesson learned - if a licensed cab company has the sense to lay on people to find you a cab - TAKE A CAB! Don't think 'I'm sure there's a night bus stop somewhere along here'. Unless you want an hour's walk and a chicken burger smothered in chilli sauce.


Will said...

I can tell from the description precisely which club you're talking about :-)

Steve said...

Don't knock a chicken burger with chili sauce.

Jimster said...

Well, it's not too difficult to work out, if you've been there - and like I would ever diss the power of a chilli'd chicken!

Dave Owen said...

There were lots of things I couldn't really imagine ever doing sober, let alone enjoying. After 18 months teetotal, I managed to go to a Genesis Convention last month, and I might even manage a Doctor Who one this year too.

Having visited the venue in your post, in the company of a former editor, I suspect that it might still be beyond my comfort zone - but well done you!

Jimster said...

Good to see you here, Dave! And here was me thinking no-one would ever find me - haha!

Well done on making it a year of sobriety. Still VERY early days for me here, but I'm enjoying the smugness and martyrdom if nothing else. :-)