30 December, 2005

Faking a Diary...

I've often regretted the fact that I never managed to keep a diary. Not that much has happened that might justify the need for one, but reading Kenneth Williams' diary recently made me realise how it'd be good to be able to go back and look up when the first time I realised things, began to hate jobs, fell in and out of love etc might have been.

I first started using online forums in around 1997, but it wasn't until a friend created a mailing list in 1999 that I had what I might consider an online 'home' to go to. looking back through the archives, I've found a few posts from the very first day of that group that provide me with an anchor to start faking up a diary of sorts. This is how I introduced myself back then:

Date: Wed Apr 28, 1999 11:08am

I'm a copywriter for PlayStation, which means instead of bemoaning the quality of the latest coal, the new engines in the factory or the state of the floors outside the school gym, I don't actually do any manual labour - I just labour over manuals (haha - copywriter humour). I also overeat on a dangerous level and tend to spoil stretches of alcohol-free nights with almighty binges.

So, now I work for the BBC, writing web pages, but not much else has changed. Except, as Baz Lurmann noted in his 'Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen', I was not as fat as I thought, if today's bloated frame is anything to go by...

Okay, here goes... publish!

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